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We carry Genuine New Old Stock, OEM Parts, Aftermarket Parts and Pattern Parts plus a ton of accessories! At Royal Spares you can browse more than a million items online. Royal Spares will ship the parts and accessories you need for your Bikes, scooters, cars and jeeps right to your doorstep. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.

Bet Only on the Best Brand!

Royal Spares has been satisfying customers' needs by providing them with the parts they need at the lowest prices. We house the most comprehensive collection of parts and accessories worldwide. If your shopping experience is a hit-or-miss or simply unsatisfactory, switch over to us. You won't regret it!


Our staff is comprised of Experienced Technical experts and engineers from automotive sector and Motors Enthusiasts- who love to play and ride the machines. They share your passion and know what it’s like to be denied the ride. Besides being enthusiasts, we have years of experience in selling and shipping parts to customers worldwide. Giving them support during and after the sale is something that’s become our second nature, like riding.

The Right Part, the Perfect Fit

Other online auto parts stores carry only a couple of thousand parts in stock. Sometimes, it can get very frustrating when you spend time, sweat, and gas only to be told that they don't have what you need. Well, you'll never experience that here at Royal Spares. Our huge warehouse has more than a million parts for over thousands of different vehicles. Add to that more than thousands accessories for more than many rides and what you get is the right part with the perfect fit. No more frustration, no more stalled restoration projects, no more having to wait to get back on the road! You'll find what you want right here. We do customize parts on demand also provide you send us the sample or AUTO CAD Drawings.

As a multi-line online auto parts store , we offer Genuine Parts, OEM parts, After Market parts and Pattern parts for Motorcycles, Scooters, Cars, Jeeps and Tractors all under one roof.. Our accessory and apparel line-up includes almost all the brands.

Simply contact us with an e-mail and we'll even help you find what you want!

The Lowest Prices Anywhere

A quick glance at our list will show you that we have the lowest prices and the best deals out there. In fact, they're almost over 50% lower than what you'll be charged at any other place ! If that's not low enough for you, we also have special offers that will help pull down prices.

Every day, we strive hard to offer the best prices available on our vast selection of OEM parts and aftermarket accessories.

We sell at discount prices to the general public and offer dealer discounts to dealerships and repair shops that account that acquire a re-seller account. Whether you're an end user or a shop, you can benefit from our prices and support.


We're confident that you will be completely satisfied with every product you purchase from us. We stock products that are just as good as or even better than those your ride came with. So why need a guarantee? It's not a perfectly wonderful world we live in, and we want to give you the peace of mind you deserve. If you find any reason you aren't 100% happy with what you bought, you can return it for an exchange or a refund. Customer Satisfaction is our Utmost Priority

We Have Your Back with Friendly, Expert Customer Service

Years of existence has allowed Royal Spares to refine customer care into an art form. This commitment to service is aptly reflected in the dedication of our experienced customer department who are always happy to help you. Our Customer Care Representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. No painfully long holds or annoying “I-don't-knows” here! If you have a question, they have an answer for you! It's true service with a smile 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- Just mail us at Customercare@RoyalSpares.com

When you shop with Royal Spares, we give you only the very best in customer service. It's our way of saying “Thank You!” for keeping us in business for all these years! It's the very least we can do for you!

REALLY Fast Delivery!

Let us just say that our delivery is second-to-none. If you need your parts fast, then you'll feel right at home here at Royal Spares. With a well-stocked warehouse and well-managed inventory, your order goes from "processed" to "shipped" straight to your doorstep in no time! If that's not fast enough, we have DHL and FedEx shipping options that will get those urgently needed critical parts and accessories to you even quicker.

Shopping at Its Safest...and Most Convenient!

Gone are the days when shopping for parts and accessories meant driving through traffic and burning gasoline- wasting time and searching for the Right part. We have many online payment options that let you shop from the comfort and safety of your home any day and time you feel

like it. We prefer all the Payments from world’s best secured Payment gateway by PayPal, which comes the assurance and confidence that your sensitive and valuable information are safe and protected.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: Provide our customers the high quality spares and accessories along with the best of services in the industry. No more trying to explain complicated parts over the phone… you pick Them…We pack Them then Ship Them …it's that simple!

I hope you enjoy shopping with us and find the website easy to use. Please do drop us an Email via the contact page if there's anything we can help you further with. And please do leave comments in the testimonials; we would love to hear your thoughts & comments.

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