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Royal Spares offers special trade discounts to Businesses. Qualified Re-sellers can enjoy the low cost, quality products that Royal Spares sells. With different levels, Royal Spares offering this special trade discount to jobbers, online sellers as well as retail establishments.

A quick explanation of how easy it is to sell parts through

Re-seller prices are available and viewable on our Royal Spares website when you have been accepted and are logged in with a Re-seller ID and password.

Here is how it works: On the product detail page, the special price will be displayed. When you add an item to the cart, your special re-seller price will show up in a shopping cart drop down banner at the top-right side of the page. From there, you will be able to go to the shopping cart and calculate your shipping total. Or you can see your pricing by logging into your re-seller account and going to the re-seller pricing list. We give you the capability to order product for your customers, on your time frame...24x7!

Drop Shipping : Special Programme for eBay Powersellers and Web Store Owners

Here is how it works: When checking out, you will have the ability to change the "ship to" address from your account default address to your customer's address. This flags the order as a "drop-ship" order. Your customer will not receive an invoice with pricing, but a packing slip that shows the details of the shipment for their reference. Your company's invoice will be sent with pricing to you by email confirmation unless you have removed the option on your account.

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If you're approved, you'll receive more information and details on how the program works and benefits that are included.

How do I find out if I qualify?

Upload the Copy of your Business License

Fill out the re-seller application link to our form

For any other questions, please email us at