Covid-19 Update

We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy in these difficult times of the spread of Corona Virus.

First of all thanks for your order at our store. If you haven't ordered yet, please mail us for your requirements. We are sorry for the delay in delivery and responses. Our servers had an issue and we couldn't access our office email's which has now been rectified. We are under staffed at the moment due to non availability of public transportation.

As we informed you earlier that "Our country is in complete lock-down and for the safety of our employees and everyone around, our operations are shut down as well following the govt. regulations.we all would be working from home and processing you orders till the "ready to dispatch" process and would release them after our warehouse opens and the shipping carrier services resume here.You can buy the products you need confidently without any worry and you don't have to cancel any orders as we would ship them to you via your preferred shipping option after 9th June , 2020  For customized items, customization time frame would start after this period ends."

Our operations have started from 1st June, 2020 and all the orders are getting securely packed and shipped as soon as possible at our full capacity. We request you to please cooperate with us as our warehouse undergoes sanitization every day.

Also, international flights are not operational yet and thereby standard post is not functional. Only Express shipping carriers are working and even they are charging high Emergency situation surcharge. So, all the shipments are going via DHL Express or Fedex.

We'll be processing new orders within 3 business days. Thank you all for your understanding, patience and cooperation.

Before opening any disputes, please contact us as we believe that everything can be solved amicably.

Let's fight this virus by staying together and helping each other in these crucial times.

In case of any queries, please contact us at or at +918527275222 as we would be glad to help you.

Have a wonderful day!

Thanks and Regards,

Team Royal Spares