New 5/32 Inch 36 pcs Hand Marking Letter & Number Punches

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Best Quality New 5/32 Inch 36 pcs Hand Marking Letter & Number Punches available at Online at Royal Spares
Product specifications:
New 36 Piece Steel Hand Marking Punch Letter (Upper Case) and Number Set.
The set includes 36 letter punches from A to Z also a '&' Punch and 0-9 Number Punch
Ideal For marking metals and other solid materials.
The working punch ends are heat treated to 58 / 60 HRC (Rockwell hardness number), making them extremely tough, durable and long lasting.
The 36 punches come complete in a tough plastic storage case.
The Punches are made in India , so top quality is assured
The dimensions of the punches are:  Character size 4mm, 
Size - 5/32"(4mm)
Set includes : A-Z plus & Letter Set, and 0-9 Number Set.
Application : Great for Stamping Gold Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Watches, Leather, Bracelets, Necklaces, Gold Bullion, Gold, Silver Bars Etc. Letter and number punches are used for hand marking metals and other hard materials. They are useful for stamping personal identification or post codes on tools, cycles etc., as frequently recommended by police and insurers.

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