Common Rail Injector Tools / Tool Kit For Bosch, Denso & Siemens Cr Injectors

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Common Rail Injector Tools / Tool Kit For Bosch, Denso & Siemens Cr Injectors available at Online at Royal Spares
Product Description

Special Common Rail Diesel Injector tool kit Bosch, Denso & Siemens CR Injector with L-Type triangular socket (6mm&8mm) for EDC pumps and other related tools:-
Common Rail Injector Tool Kit The tool kit comprises of high quality tools manufactured with absolute precision. It consists of various tools which are suitable for mantling and dismantling of Bosch ,Delphi,Denso and Siemens common rail injectors with other related tools of CRDI & EDC pump.
Bosch CR injector valve ball reseating lapping tool with fine & coarse pastes.
Special customized tool for loosening and tightening slotted round plate fixed in Siemens CR injectors.
Special tool or loosening and tightening round plate (containing 4 holes) fixed on Denso CR injectors.
Special customized octagonal socket for loosening and tightening the nozzle cap nut in BOSCH CR injectors.
Special box spanner (10mm hex.) suitable for loosening and tightening the grab screw of BOSCH CR injectors.
Extended shaft coupling for CRDI pumps without extended shaft.
Gauge holder for fitting the pressure gauge on common rail for checking manually.
10ml polycarbonate graduated tubes for checking the back leakage of CR injectors on the vehicle.
1.3mm & 1.5mm hardened steel balls for Bosch CR injectors.
Triceps holder for inserting the précised steel balls.
A Pincers provided for capturing the tiny parts of CR injectors.
L-Type triangular socket (6mm&8mm) for electronic governed FIP pumps.
Extractor removing the drive pinion from FIP pumps.
Tommy bar is suitable to square sockets for loosening & tightening CR injectors.

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