Brand New Mt 5 - Mt 2 Morse Taper Reducing Reduction Drill Sleeve

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High Quality Brand New Mt 5 - Mt 2 Morse Taper Reducing Reduction Drill Sleeve available at Online at Royal Spares

Product Specification:

 Product Name

Reducing Drill Sleeve



Total Length







1306 Gms

Package Content

1 x Reducing Drill Sleeve

Morse taper 2# to Morse taper 5#


Drill Sleeves are used to hold tapered shank twist drills that are too small for the tapered hole in the spindle of the drilling. 

The Morse Taper Sleeve is mainly used in drilling machine and lathe machine.

Drill sleeves are used to change the taper of the connective arbors.

Morse taper shank allows the tool to be inserted directly into the machine's spindle to facilitate high-torque applications such as large cut diameters.

Morse Taper drill sleeves are used as reduction or sizing up of Morse taper tooling. Most common Morse taper tooling is taper shank drills, also Morse taper reamers and other HSS cutting tools.

About Morse Tapper: The Morse taper was developed by Stephen Morse, as a friction taper to drive and lock in different cutting tools into machines and Morse taper machine spindles. The Morse taper has become an ISO & DIN standard taper in the engineering world today. The tang at the end of the taper is used for ejecting out of the Morse taper drill sleeve or spindle

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