Norton Aluminium Acid Etching Blue Data Plate - Norton Early 1952 Models

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Norton Aluminium Acid Etching Red Data Plate - Norton Early 1952 Models
Take a look at this rare and unique hard to find Aluminium data plate used in many Vintage Motorcycle. It has been deep acid etched and colour enamel backfilled. This is rare and unique data plate for a Universal  application was made on a special request from one of our regular customer - Limited Stock. It is an unique and collector item, perfect for  NORTON MOTORS LTD - FROM BEGIN TO 1952 motorcycle.
If You want to Customize any data plate or want to Order in Bulk- kindly contact with our Sales department and we would assist your pirchase.
Please Note: You would be shipped One Piece of Brand New Unused securely packed Acid Etched Aluminium Red Data Plate and Fixing Rivets.

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